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• 3.5 oz. Dried Beef Tía Lencha
• 14 oz. of Fresh Mushrooms
• 9 oz. of Squash Blossoms (Just the flower)
• 1 Tomato
• 1 Piece of Onion
• 1 Clove of Garlic
• 1.7 oz. of Butter or Margarine
• Consommé, Salt, Pepper and Epazote
• 3.5 oz. of Panela Cheese


Way to Cook:


  • Roast and liquefy the tomato, onion and garlic. 
  • Separate the flowers form the stem and base, rinse and chop them (in three cuts). 
  • Rinse and fillet the mushrooms. 
  • In butter, brown the Dried Beef Tía Lencha for a few seconds, add the mushrooms and flowers.
  •  Add the tomato sauce, season it with consommé, salt, epazote and pepper. 
  • Cook the sauce, add the water and cheese, cover the stewpot and let tit simmer for twenty minutes approximately. 
  • When serving, you may add a few drops of lemon juice.