proceso preparacion tialencha

proceso preparacion tialencha2

To get an excelent product, our highly qualified personnel, proceed to select carefully the beef that we are going to process, because it is our only raw material.

The process starts by taking out the bone, operation that is made manually and consist in separating the bone from the meat completely.

Once the meat and bone is divided, the pieces are separated and classified according to the process which they will be designed, chopped in equal size and thick portions. 

During this fase, the fat, skins and nerves are separated. 

When the meat is seasoned and marinade, it is transferred to the dehidratation department, where the product is put through high temperatures, with a controled process that allows that the beef keeps all its nutrients and it only eliminates the humidity.

The next step in the process with ground, that has as an end to soften and shred the meat, to continue the separation of the meat and remove the nerves and skins that hasn't been detected previously, int his way the final quality is improved, to guarantee dried beef and not skins or nerves.

After de selection and separation of the product, it is put through a last fase of dehydration, to extract the maximum humidity and guarantee a dried product of great quality.

The Dried Beef Tía Lencha, it is packed in a semiautomatic way in several presentations, from 0.5 oz to 44 lb., to meet the most various needs in the market.