tif sagarpa

Keep workin in the requirement and total quality, searchin, day a day new oportunities to reach and meet the needs of all the markets, like:


• The young people that search in their eating habits a diet in low fat. 

• Athletes that require a greater intake of proteins. 

• Camping and mountaineering fans, that need food easy to carry, that do not require refrigeration and that can be eaten without preparation, in any place.

• Hunters and fisherman, that in his pleasure of being in the nature, would enojoy a dried beef strip along the fire.

• For the international cooking fans, a delicious omelette stuffed of dried beef Tía Lencha or a delicious salad rich in flavour and nutrients, with shredded Dried Beef Tía Lencha.

• For Hispanic people living in the U.S. and Canada, the flavour of their country, their family and their traditions.